My duck was badly injured how long should I tend to her?

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    My duck was badly injured in the Great Duck Massacre of 2016 in our yard. Our total flock was 12 and now we have 7 left. One duck has open gashes on her neck and seems to be rather alert. Immediately after the incident I tended to her first aid (I'm first aid certified), and placed her in a box. She does not do well with human contact and every time I go by the box she gets really big and hissy. I have decided her injuries are too severe to be around the other ducks and chickens (which I'm more concerned about harming her). I started her in this box yesterday and she was fine and alert this morning. I fear she may loose the want to live and I picked her up and took her out to her duck friends to look at. She did some quacking and they quacked back, but I still think her wound is too open to be around them. I would prefer it to start closing or scabbing up before letting her in the run.
    I have been feeding her lettuce, but I am not sure if she is eating it. I am also going to put some electrolytes in her water.
    She is really sensitive and she is most happy when we place a towel over her, I suspect the darkness is not the best for her which is why I am taking her on little walks every 4 hours (of me holding her).

    Does anyone have a suggestion for how long I may need to care for this duck in her hospital nest?
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    Do it until she recovers and the reward will be GREAT FOR YOU. You are a caring person so your duck surely senses it. Animals can feel good feelings as well as bad projected onto them by human keepers. Last year I had one of my hens attacked by a neighbors dog. I did not think she would make it, but she did. As a result she is totally blind now, but eats and drinks with no problem. 15 months passed and I am still taking care of her. She is
    10 1/2 years old now, so her time may be up naturally. I will care for her until then. I only keep chickens as pets.
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    Thanks for your encouragement. I feel like she was too depressed in her holding cell after the traumatic incident. Today I let her hang out with the other ducks and she was so happy. I decided to have her be with her fellow ducks and she is in the coop. I think now that there is only one male, her injury should not be disturbed. I guess we'll see what happens!
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