My duckie passed away 😭


Sep 4, 2020
This little girl was my baby, she would always come waddling up to me every time I walked in the coop to say hi, she'd let me pet her forever, I'd let her walk around the livingroom and if I was sitting on the floor she'd come lay next to me. I know she was just a duck but we had a special bond...yesterday I went to check on everyone and she was bleeding out of her nose and panting heavily I immediately called the vet and before I could pack her up to go she started freaking out flinging her head everywhere and banging her head on the side of the coop and passed away...I hate that she passed away especially like that but its also killing me not knowing what happened, I'm scared it could've been something contagious that could spread to my other duck and chickens or that it was something I couldve prevented...she had a spot on the back of her head where her feathers were messed up from my rooster trying to mate with her (I just bought more chicken wire to separate the 2 ducks from the chickens and the vet prescribed cream to put on her so it wouldn't get infected and to help if she was in any pain) she was born the beginning of August 2020 and lost her mate in September (I got them together) when her mate passed away I thought it was from a niacin deficiency since both of their legs were bowed so added extra niacin to their food but she started pulling out her feathers which looked very similar to how my females head looked just recently, he had an appointment at the vet but didn't make it through the night, when I found him the next morning he had some blood coming out of his nostrils but I just assumed it was an after death thing (this is my first time owning ducks and chickens so still learning) now im starting to think they could be connected but not sure...if anyone has any ideas please let me know!! If its something contagious I need to know so I can make sure the same thing doesn't happen to my other duck or chickens, I'll post a picture of her head in the comments (didnt get a picture before she passed away)
The spot on her head...


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I'm so very sorry for your loss. I understand how painful it is and how special the relationship is. She wasn't just a duck, she was your duck.

I can't help you identify the cause. With my 3 precious ducks that passed away I had my veterinarian perform necropsies. Each time my vet was able to give me a definitive reason.

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