My ducklings come in the morning!!!


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
they were shipped yesterday and will be here tommarow for sure! I cant wait! Im getting 4 welsh harlequin, and 2 rouens, all girls except one of the welsh. I know pekinduck<3er is getting 3 ducklings tommarow as well, is there anyone else?
Cool! I should show pekinducklover this
Metzer farms! Are you thinking of getting some?

YES!!! I just have to convince my parents
The coop and run needs some work too, but I am so addicted to animals and BYC it's not even funny! Post lots of pics of those awsome little duckies when you get them!! Maybe you already got that call from the post office and are on your way to go pick them up right now?!? I can't wait for pics
My mom just got the call!!!!! We have to finish chores and we will go get em! I hope non are dead! Will they send another one if one is dead?
The way I hear it, most companies that ship young poultry will include a couple of extras just in case some don't, I don't actually know whether metzer does this; but generally what I hear is that you only call to complain if you end up with less than you ordered- count live ducks, not dead ones. Sounds so very morbid but I guess it's practical?

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