My ducklings drank glitter.


Apr 20, 2019
Northern Minnesota
Hello. I have 3 Kkaki Campbell ducklings about 1 month and 1 week. I didn’t realize there was glitter in their water.. and they drank it.
Is this really bad? What will happen?
this is Hazel and this was yesterday( before they drank the glitter)
Glitter definitely isn't good in their system, but I believe most are fairly non-toxic, since it's used by kids.

Just monitor them, make sure they're eating/drinking OK. I'm sure they will be ok.
It probably won't cause any immediate problems, but I would try mixing some olive oil or coconut oil into their feed and have them eat that at the first opportunity. This may help lubricate the digestive track, including gizzard, and help carry the glitter out of their systems.

A molasses flush wouldn't be a bad idea, as well. Give each duckling one-fourth cup of warm water with one teaspoon molasses mixed in. Each should consume all of the one-fourth cup.

The problem that could arise is if any remains in the intestines and gizzard. It can hinder the absorption of nutrients as food is digested. Glitter is usually made from plastics, and having plastics in us is not a swell idea.

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