My ducks are scared to DEATH of the lake

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bockbock2008, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. bockbock2008

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    Dec 30, 2008
    Southwest Indiana
    I hatched 3 pekins in the middle of April and raised them with my chickens. They had a small pool and never were afraid of the water. I got 2 more that were about 6 weeks old when I got them around mid June so they weren't alot younger than my original ones. Two weeks ago we fenced in an area on the lake. 1/2 on land 1/2 on water. At night they locked in a secure pen. When I first put them in their lake pen, they LOVED the water. Splashing, swimming, diving, all of the things that ducks are supposed to do. About 4 days later, they wouldn't get in that lake for anything. I threw them in and they scrambled as fast as they could back on shore. So what do you think happened? Do you think snapping turtles could have gotten after them? There are definately snappers in the lake. We are working on removing some of them now. Any other suggestions. I am trying to get as many turtles out of the lake as possible this week since I will be getting 3 new ducks this weekend and hopefully, they won't be afraid of the water and my current ducks will follow suit and get back in the lake!
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    snappers will run them of the lake, so will someone shooting a gun at the turtles. trust me mine are now land ducks. it took them 4 weeks to go in ther kiddie pool i bought for them. shot one turtle and now they wont go near the lake.
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    my ducks are the same way! I never mentioned it on here because I didnt want people picking on my short-bus ducks! I have tossed them in and they dont even hit the water before they are back on land and run to their kiddie pool! dingbats!
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    one solution to the turtles is to build their pen with a wire bottom, kinda like a big cage and drag it partly into the pond, that way no turtles can get through to harm your ducks. works great for rearing several ducklings at one time because they can still essentially forage for aquatic weeds and grasses, insect larvea, and small snails which all live in almost any lake or pond.

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