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8 Years
Nov 16, 2011
east Tennessee
My ducks can't seem to keep there wings folded? They are almost constantly folding them trying to keep them under, but they just keep sliding down. Why is this? Is something wrong?

Droopy like this?

How old are they? What is the percentage of protein in your feed?

If yours are still young, I believe mine are doing something similar to what you describe. My Cayugas are 5 weeks old, and their wings are constantly starting to droop, and being tucked back up in. They don't droop much before they pull back up, no more than an inch of sag, and they don't stick out away from the body at all.

When I first saw this happen, I had a panic moment and thought 'Angel wing
After quite a bit of research, though, I've determined it's (most likely) a developmental stage. The newly growing wing feathers are filling up with blood, so are heavy, while the just developing wings are still growing and strengthening the musculature.

If the problem worsens, or doesn't disappear by 8 weeks, then, all the 'experts' say, I need to consider binding it for Angel wing.

Hope this is relevant and helps in some way.
I am thinking the same thing as Tahai, I think the wing feathers are developing and are a bit to heavy for their young, underdeveloped tiny wings... Mine did the same thing, but their "arms" got stronger as they grew. It is a bit alarming when you first see it!
Tahai, It is precisely what you are describing! You couldn't have come closer! And yes, they're getting those blood-filled "tubes" on the part of the wing that's supposed to be hidden. I'm giving them chick starter/grower. What is angel wing? At first I thought it could be that just from something I had read by very quickly in some thread were they mentioned about drooping wings, and all I remembered from that thread was drooping wings and angel wing, lol. Thanks for the helpful replies.
The more time outside exercising the wings the better to build the muscles up. When the blood recedes they will be ale to tuck and carry as normal. Drooping is not the SA,e as angle wing, which is when the wing looks like a hitch hackers thumb jutting out from the body.
Those feet remind me of those of a booby, but I could only find blue-footed photo's. Not sure how many varieties of that kind of seabird there are.

I don't name them.
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