My Ducks Winter Shelter On Our Deck(PICS)

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. FunnyBunnies12

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    I just fixed things up on our deck for Oreo & Ming-Ming rather then under our tramp or near the house. They seem to really enjoy being on our deck day/night and watching through the slider of what is going on in the house. My son called my sister up who knits and asked her to knit Oreo little booties for her feet so she doesn't get frost bit or cold, not sure they will work but it will give him a peace of mind. And if it gets to bad and blustery they can come inside for the night. But I was wondering how this looks and if you think it will work just fine. They actually have 2 shelters, the one I just set up and the igloo. Here are the shelters:

    Up close view of the entrance:

    Further view of the entrance and shelter. I have a huge old area run over the board for extra protection/insulation.

    Inside view:

    The full view of what it looks like on our deck and the 2 shelters they can choose to go into. So far they seem to really like to hang out at the shelter closest to the slider so they can look inside at us.

    BTW~Ming-Ming is still challenging me in the pecking order!![​IMG] It's the battle of the wills between him and I. LOL!

    Please let me know if this will do, if I should add or take away anything. Thanks a lot!
  2. katharinad

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    Looks like it is working. I'm not to sure about the carpet. It will make it colder inside, if it gets wet. I would just put a plastic tarp over it. They only need wind protection, and protection from below. They now also get indirect heating from the house. Also their downs are warmer then you think. The last two days my ducks choose to stay outside during the day with temps below 20 degrees. They were out at -2 degrees to start with! They were fine with hay on the ground. Today it made it up into the low 40's so I gave them two concrete mixing bins with warm water to take a bath in. They were busy and happy for half an hour.
    My boy decided to get silly with me too, and tried to go after my ankle. I saw it and decided to tease him by touching his back, and that really made him mad. He lowered his neck and started to go for my ankle. I reached for him and he immediately backed off. Never once really snapped at me, but he was thinking about it. He also knows what happens if he really tries to. I think he is pushing his boundaries. Silly boy. He never hurt me either. In the past it has always been more of a nibbling the socks drake, but that is how it starts.

    Do you still have the plastic flap that comes with the dome? You could hand it and cut a smaller opening into it. You can also cut a piece or wood or cardboard to make the opening smaller. That gives more protection. I've made the opening into the duck house only big enough for them to go through. They actually have to lover their heads to fit. Works very nicely.
  3. Hattiegun

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    IM SOOOOOOOOOO Jealous !! I wish I could have mine so close to the house.. ugggh...lucky you...I think it looks good. I would agree with stuff katharina says ( she knows her stuff) I try to plug or block every little hole that cold air / snow can come in..Im sure I overdoit
    BUt I HATE BEIN COLD.. so I act like they are cold tooo... [​IMG]
  4. FunnyBunnies12

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    I do plan on taking the winterized pool cover and cutting it to fit and draping it over the carpet/entire shelter. And at night putting a piece of wood over the opening so they stay inside at night. Nice thing also about our deck is that we do have a swinging door w/latch so that they can stay on the deck and no body can get over like neighbors dogs or coyotes, coons never come on our deck, never seen a coon on our deck in 6-7yrs we've lived here. Never seen a coyote around either, but I know they exists. Only thing I've seen near our house are deer, squirrels, and rabbits.
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    Apr 22, 2009
    Northern Indiana
    I'm not too sure that the booties would be such a good idea. If they got wet, wouldn't/couldn't they freeze to their little feet?? [​IMG] Just a thought I had on that. I know that they would initially be sleeping on their feet, but if they had frozen booties, that could also make for wet ducky bellies when their sleeping. Am I totally off here?
  6. katharinad

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    Thanks chicks4kids. I've meant saying that. Shoes are a bad idea. They are worse when they are wet, because then they draw body heat away from the feet. Just keep it to hay on the ground. You can always make a hay patch on the deck so they can lay on it enjoying the sun when it is out.
  7. FunnyBunnies12

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    That was kind of my thought as well. I think he was thinking of putting the booties on at night where they are constantly on the hay and when we can't keep an eye on them. Is there any kind of protective duck booties anyone can suggest? I honestly think the one foot that is held up because of the birth defect will be alright because it won't ever be in contact with the snow. It's the other bootie that could be questionable.
  8. katharinad

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    She is better without it, because they pull their legs underneath their downs close to their body. Their body is warming the feet and a booties can prevent it. Plus she may step into poo making it wet and then you have the cooling effect, but moisture and dirts lets fungy grow. You are not doing any good by using it. The hay and her body heat will be all she needs.
  9. FunnyBunnies12

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    Makes sense, I'll tell me sister never mind but thank you. I thought at one point I saw a thread of a duck that actually had rubberized protective booties on, or was I seeing things?? LOL!
  10. katharinad

    katharinad Overrun with chickens

    Nettie makes them. It's more for when they have bumblefoot or any other injury to keep the medication in place. They really good for that. They also look cute, but they are not meant to be used for a long time frame. They are also made out of neoprene, which does not allow air to get to the foot.

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