my easter egger aka FEATHERS squated today


6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
Feathers is a 23 week old Easter egger..
She's not very tame..none of my Easter eggers like to be handled but today feathers came up to me and squatted....why is she suddenly willing to come close and be touched? Its hard to get a good pic of them
Im excited to see what color she will produce...why is she all of a sudden willing to get close to me?
Hi and :welcome

Feathers is squatting because she's about to start laying. Our chickens did it too - and they liked to be stroked. I guess they squat because they're waiting for a rooster to jump on their back...
It's kind of cute actually. :p

P.S. I also had a hen named Feathers. It was my favourite chicken. :woot
Oh my that is cute...I just scritched her back and patted her fluff and she does she think I'm a too?
my twins namede them..i only have 15..we have a feathers...falcon..a Sally..Gertrude..king..nurse..Blondie..buttercup..all kinds of strange names
Nurse and king are also EES but they look different ...nurse is black with pencilling ..and king is a huge pullet but she doesn't have the beard or miffs..just a slick head

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