My Easter egger chickens are mean to my barred rock and gave it bald spot on wing and lower back has

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    My Easter egger chickens are mean to my barred rock and gave it a bald spot on its wing and lower back and it has trouble getting up, I found it today on its side struggling to stand.. I separated them and helped it stand up so it can walk around. Once I help it up it seems fine and it still eats and drinks water. I just got home from work and its dark so I can't really check for any wounds, so i am going to check in the morning. When I put water and food in the area it walked over and it didn't seem to limp or anything. Any clue whats wrong? If it is a visible injury like a wound what could I do for it? Thanks... Also, It seems like the 3 easter eggers pick on the barred rock and the white bantam, yet they leave each other and the rhoad island red alone. Any ideas how i can get them to stop being so mean. The noneastereggers are all nice and friendly. Are there chicken breeds that are known to be mean?
  2. All of my Easter Eggers are very, very nice to the other chickens...

    Anyways if she has a wound that looks like it could get infected you could start her on antibiotics. If she doesn't have a wound that looks like it could become infected I'd just leave her be. If they are fighting, don't break it up unless someone is getting hurt. If they don't work it out they'll never get along.

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