MY ee not feeling herself. She loooooooved her bath

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    Apr 22, 2010
    I noticed today my EE aka Easter., was not joining in her flocks usual stuff. I grabbed her when she went to roost and looked at her Vent Yes my hubby was right it was clogged, bad. [​IMG]
    I let her sit in a sink , up to her vent, of warm water. She sat right down and closed her eyes. I rubbed a wash cloth on her area. she put her head on my arm and loved it!!!!!
    She is in the Office getting dry with the help of a towel and me at times. Again she liked it. She is finally starting to coo again(I love their soft noises) [​IMG]

    It still looks like it may need a bit more TLC, but, (no pun intended) I think I got the vent cleared. She is tired but needs to get dry before I can put her in her coop.

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