My egg news and cracked egg w/chick growing

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    Well sadly I have to say we lost an egg [​IMG] One day 8 we candled and Silkie 10 was doing good but was alittle behind on growing and we just played around and candled a few tonight, day15, and Silkie 10 passed away. The egg was almost clear like the unfertile ones but had a shadowy area all the way around the center of the egg.
    But the good news is that we had a cracked egg


    On day 4 it was clear and on day 10 there was a chick inside. It is still growing. Pic is from today and shows the size of the crack. I didn't realize it had a crack till day 4 and I just left it thinking it was unfertile. This will be our only white silkie if everything goes okay.

    6 DAYS LEFT [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Good luck! Let us know how that cracked egg does. [​IMG]

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