My eggs


10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
Spring Hope, NC
I think all of my mature hens are finally laying. Fingers crossed. I found a new egg today that I'm attributing to my Mottled Java.

Here they are. The last one at the end is a store bought large white.
In order they will be Silver Pheonix (Pee Wee), White Cochin (Small) X2, then the single Mottled Java followed by the store bought large white egg.

There is a subtle color difference between the one Cochin egg to another but one thing I've noticed about them is they have a very tough membrane. Cracking the shell on those babies is easy but getting through the membrane is tough. Yolks on the SP is slightly smaller than the rest but huge compared to the amount of white in the egg.

Both Cochin and SP are fertilized. This is the first Java egg I've had. I have no Java rooster and Spot seems to wander by herself. I have no idea if the Cochin or SP roosters bother her. We'll see when this egg gets it's turn to be eaten.

Photo taken by Hubby with a Cannon 20D, indoor lighting. That's all I know about photography.

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