My family needs MORE prayer PLEASE****UPDATE***

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May 15, 2008
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I just don't know what to think
...1st my fil was diagnosed with lung cancer. Now dad's brother has "something" in his chest. It all started with severe pain in left shoulder. x-rays showed a spot on the lung. They think there is a mass that has been pressing on his back causing pinched nerves. A lung biopsy is to be scheduled. Once again this is a man in his 50's. Both fil and Dennis have been heavy smokers. PLEASE if you smoke, find a way to stop....

I feel helpless, my family is over 700 miles away. I'm worried about grandma also. She has a form of atrial fib. I don't know if her heart or her nerves can handle this.

Please PLEASE ask a prayer for my family....I know so many ask, but what else can we do? It's the only true place I know to turn. I'm sorry to ramble...

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Lori, sure hope they get these things resolved. I watched my MIL die early from emphysema and now my BIL is on oxygen most of each day...when he isn't smoking still. It's not a pretty way to go. Wish everyone would just learn from things like this. Sure pray your family members can overcome this stuff and learn from it, too.

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