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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by gryeyes, Mar 12, 2011.

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    I made a feed & DE run to my favorite feed store and remembered, this time, to take pictures of the chick sales area. It's so very clever, as it keeps the customers' (and their kids') hands out of the "bins" and now provides nipple waterers 24/7. No more big horse troughs (except for turkey poults right now). Banks of cabinets with pull-out drawers with glass fronts for viewing. Cockerels all on one side of the room and pullets on the other.



    While I was there, an elderly couple was looking at chicks. They only wanted two, but neither really knew what kinds of chicks they wanted except for how they looked. It turned out she had an older hen which had passed, and she wanted a replacement chick and a friend for it. There were three other groups of customers with kids there, also trying to decide on chicks.


    Bantam chicks are straight run.


    Eavesdropping on the older couple, I felt I could butt in and assist them with some questions to get more information. It turns out her hen had laid bluish-green eggs and had face markings (she referred to it with a Spanish name for little tiger, due to the stripes). It felt good assisting them. They selected an "Amereucana" and Light Brahma pullet.


    We called someone over to help us get the first chick.

    Interesting set-up, doncha think?

    And I didn't buy anything but the feed (switching to pellets now) and some DE. Oh, and ask Amy how the Cochin chicks she bought from me were doing. (Fine, feisty, two of the three are probably roos...)
  2. debid

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    WOW! I wonder if they have a cabinetmaker friend? Those don't look like prefab drawers...
  3. gryeyes

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    Oh, I watched every visit while they were building them. Definitely not pre-fab!!
  4. wistlindixie

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    Feb 27, 2011
    That is awesome! You'd never get me out of that place....I'd be entertained for hours watching those babies. Our TSC here sold out of chicks the first two days and haven't had any since. [​IMG]
  5. rockinpaints

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    Jan 26, 2010
    Very clever! [​IMG]
  6. RainbowBirds_of_a_Feather

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    Aloha Greyeyes,

    You are such a trooper to help the couple with their selection. You should work there. [​IMG] If you were not there to ask what kind of chook they had last time, they may have ben disappointed in the outcome of the egg they receive later. Knowledge is power and you made a elderly couple very happy. Great job!

    Oh our Del's feed store only carries two types EEs indicated as Ameracuanas and Production Reds indicated as Rhode Island Reds. They are in huge black water troughs and are separated between the two breeds. But they are female, well the ones that I have purchased at least. I know we have other feed stores, but they rarely carry chicks. I believe that it is pre-ordered and then called to the people who ordered them. So whoever doesn't want to take them are sold to whom wishes to to purchase them. Great Pics by the way..
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    Mar 7, 2011
    I wish my local store was like that!
  8. bock

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    Wow, I love that set up! Very clever! You are lucky to have a feed store like that! [​IMG]
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    What a neat place! I would keep thinking up reasons to go there.
  10. gryeyes

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    Quote:It is a challenge, all right. That feed store's Chick Season is from mid-February to mid-October. I bought my very first chicks from them when all the other feed stores around were long out of chicks. It's a bit of distance from my house and there's another feed store in the city in which I live. I only go there if I happen to run out of feed before a weekend, because I can't get to my Favorite one after work before it closes during the week. All my other supplies are purchased at the Favorite, which services a farming area, instead of the "pet store" crowd. Although, if I wanted parrots, parakeets, or feeder goldfish, I could find them in the local store.

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