My favorite fighter is Evander Holyfield.


12 Years
Apr 6, 2007
Remember that time him and Tyson fought? Wow. What a fight that was.

My next rooster will be named Evander. Tyson is a good one too.
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Yep, that was quite a fight....
Who do you think would win? Tyson or Charlie Sheen? I think it would be a close one if Charlie calls on his Tiger blood, or is that an illegal stimulant?
I think Charlie would win, with his tiger blood and all. Not to mention his motto is "WINNING!"

Also, Tyson is more the peaceful type these days, with his pigeons and all.
Would Tyson and Ozzie get along? I mean pigeons and bats are close enough?

As for Sheen well, he's just cool. I love his positive and spiritual attitudes.
Nooooo, Ozzie bites the heads off those things, Tyson would NOT like that. He doesn't like violence.

I agree about Charlie, his "winning" attitude and deep thinking really has me reconsidering how I handle my life. I hope he writes a self help book, wouldn't that be great?
Of course we were CM but I would have had a chat with you about it. Abuse comes in many forms and works in both directions. None of it, be it verbal, financial, or ultimately physical should be tolerated in a relationship.

But that's not what this thread is about. Have a great sleep.
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