My favorite hen can't seem to grow her feathers back..

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    Jul 27, 2009
    Stacey, my "mutt" chicken is the most pathetic chicken I have ever seen. She has a bone spur that comes up from her chest alongside her neck which skews her head to the side making her walk crooked. But she has the sweetest "cooing" sound I ever heard from a chicken. Well, she lost a lot of feathers on her chest area (she was getting a real bad sunburn on her crop) a couple of months ago and they just don't seem to want to grow back. Is there some sort of ointment I can rub on her bare skin to help stimulate new feather growth?

    I was grooming her today and noticed on her back what appeared to be big calcium deposits on the base of her feathers between her shoulder blades. They are not mite egg clusters, but just seem to be a hard crust like substance coming off her skin and onto her feathers. She cannot preen herself due to her bone growth on her neck. Is there some sort of oil I can rub on her base feathers to soften this crust so it will come off? I can tell it bothers her because when I was trying to rub it off with my fingers she would spasm slightly and rapidly nibble gently on my forearm. Perhaps a good shampoo bath would work? Please help me help my Staceykins. She is a special needs chicken...Thanks
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    Sorry I can't help you with this , I got here to find an answer for it .
    One of my chickens have similar symptoms but it's on the back of her wing and the top of her head, there is no blood or anything, and she is very active .

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