My female jumbo pekin duck (Cruise) has what looks like a abscess on her eye. Help!

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    My jumbo pekin duck (Cruise) has what looks like an abscess on her eye. Help! My male (Quackers) has been terribly hurting her while trying to mate with her. She has had countless injuries from him and we are very worried about her. She is so sweet and we would hate to lose her. We are bringing him to a college nearby tomorrow that we know will take good care of him. I hate to let him go, but it's what's best for Cruise. Well, Cruise has what looks like an abscess on her eye. She can barely open her eye and when she does it looks like she is in pain. I couldn't get close enough to see if she had one on the other eye. It is white and is long and skinny. Please only answer if you know what you are talking about. Thank you!!!! Please answer quickly.[​IMG]
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    Yes, a photo, and posting on the Duck Forum would be good.

    In any case, it won't hurt and will probably help to get or make a mild saline solution and mist the eye area. Vetericyn is very good also.

    Without a photo, we can only guess.

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