my female/ male/and breeding pens: PLEASE LOOK!!!


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011

I have been planing on breeding and hatching ducklings to sell in spring and summer for a long time now, well I finally have the breeds I want and me and my mom are now starting to build the fences/pens! Im so excited! I cant wait till its all done, and when my ducks are old enough to start breeding. I drew a picture of the outline of the fence/pen we will start building at the end of the month. Here it is.

This is how it will look when its all done. This is the females pen I am pointing at.


This in th breeding pen that I am pointing at


And this is the males pen I am pointing at


the perimeter of the fence will end up being 16x16 feet. The ducks will free range during the day. Males in the morning, and females after lunch.

So what do you guys think? Does it look ok? BTW there will be a safe coop in each pen for them that they will be locked up in each and every night.
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Thanks. Do you guys think that a hoop house would be ok as a coop for ducks in the winter? Ok should I do a wood coop?

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