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Hollywood Chickens

10 Years
Mar 12, 2009
For the 3 years that I had chickens we fought with the city over them, someone called the news early on and they have been following it.
Many of you have seen earlier stories, were I was saying that it was discrimination and not about chickens, well this proves it.

Enjoy! and please give me your feedback, if you want to talk about it please leave your comments here, if you just want the your show support (or not) please leave it as a comment on YouTube.
I left a comment. That's just ridiculous! How does the lady in the interview get to have 20 chickens, 3 of them roosters? How do we have little to no right to how we use OUR properties? If I wanted to live in a land of nothing but rules, I'd have an HOA! I hope you get some justice! God bless you and your family.
Could you summarize the story for me? I can't get on youtube on my work computer and our internet at home is too slow to watch videos. I'd appreciate it.
3 years ago after reviewing the code with an attorney we got chickens, CE cited us but when we showed him the code were it is legal he said that was for Easter chicks (it was spring) so my mother said "if they were Easter chicks could we keep them" he said yes.
After a year of fighting with them over the chickens, we lost on the appeal and the city sent us a bill for $250 a day that we had had the chickens after the magistrate hearing (I think it was around $90,000 by then) even though we had been appealing in that time. So since we couldn't pay that much money we decided to keep the chickens.
Shortly after the Einhorns moved in, we told them when they were looking at the house that we are noisy and the chickens are noisy but that the children are noisier (chickens are 75 Db and the kids can get up to 105 Db). Shortly after moving he started complaining about noise all over the block, he called the city and asked them to have the school bus pick up the kids at the end of the street because it was waking him up.
So we sold the noisiest of the bunch and thought it would get better.
It didn't the police have been here 52 time on noise complaints from them, they called CPS on us because she think it is abusive claiming that there was mental abuse (thank God my cousin is a senior empolyee in CPS she was able to end that) they called the Board of health several times and they even got a warrant (didn't find a thing wrong), they called Code enforcement on everything from our flowers to our compost! and even called the USDA to say that our citrus trees were sick and had to be removed (they are not).
The Einhorns then sued us for $2.5 million because we have chickens (insane huh?) the judge would not hear any of our evidence, yet she took the evidence from 4 people that we proved were lying so of course she ruled for them and not us.
The trial is not over though she has not awarded damages (not that it matters there is not way that we can pay that so we would have to declare bankruptcy)
The whole time that this was happening we were claiming that other people keep chickens in Hollywood so why can't we. Well no one wanted to talk to the news because they were afraid that their chickens would be taken. Finally I found someone who was willing to talk and a news caster that was willing to interview her.
She has kept 20 chickens in Hollywood for 10 years and code knows about them, they came to her 8 years ago and told her that her roosters have to go, but never cited her, she still has the roosters.
Sorry this is so long I tried to brief it, but it is a crazy long story.
If anything is unclear just let me know and I will clarify.
This is not what the news story says this is were you can read a summery of the story:

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