My first 5 days with the chicks! Pictures!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by LyndseyLogan, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Mar 6, 2014
    So far so good! Its my first time ever raising a back yard flock and so far, only a few problems. One chick, Checkers, had pasty butt the first day, but with a little butt bath and some monitoring, the problem has gone. Noticing a lot more poop in the brooder already too, so lots of cleaning for the little 4. The only concern I have is one seemed to have diarrhea this morning, but upon some further reading, found out that once in awhile they can pass a softer stool, but we are keeping an eye out just in case it continues. The fantastic 4 seem to be adapting well, already seem to be growing and are so much fun! Jacks likes to chirp VERY loudly if the other three are sleeping and she doesn't want to. Bunny is definitely the leader, but that's probably just because of her size! And Ruby is my favorite. the smallest of the 4, she already has such a gentle disposition, and will fall asleep when I hold her against my chest. Here are some pictures!




    Also here is our boxer, Daisy, who now thinks she is a mama hen, constantly watches them and will come running when Jacks starts chirping loudly in protests to everyone's nap!

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    Do you have a thermometer under your heat lamp? I notice its red and so I'm guessing its a 250w bulb. A 250w bulb would probably be too high heat is such a small brooder inside. (I like to use a 125w heat bulb) I say this because it looks like they are resting as far away from it as possible and if they are having heat stress, watery poo is a sign. In my opinion, it's more dangerous to over heat a little than to under heat. At that age directly under the bulb should only be 90 degrees and the opposite side 70-80 so they can regulate themselves. Good luck!
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    Oh I love your boxers markings! I have 2, a fawn male and a white female. Good for your baby to be so sweet on your chicks!!

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