My First Baby chicks ! :)

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    Jan 8, 2010
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    [​IMG] Hello, Today I picked up two little Buff Orpington (2 days old) chicks [​IMG] These are My first chicks and I am so excited! I also wanted to get a barred rock and some EE's but they wont have those two breeds in until next week [​IMG] But anyway here they are.
    * Also if I have a few questions:

    1) The bigger chick is taking the dominante role between the two, it pecks the other one sometimes but also flaps its wings alot. Also she ( hopefully it is a she) is always the first to investigate anything . . . and she is WAY louder than the other chick . . . What are the sign of a rooster? I know it might be too soon to tell but i am not zoned for roosters [​IMG]

    2) is this brooder okay? is there anything i need to change to it?

    3) My infrared heat lamp is a 250 watt light bulb and i didnt want to burn the little gals, should it be higher or lower?

    4) when can i give then goodies?

    Below the blueish gray thing in the cage is a stuffed animal that they cuddle with . . .
    below is chick #1 . . she is very sweet and kind of shy
    Below is chick #2 ** She/he is very curious and dominate over the other chick
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    May 11, 2010
    I'm always amazed how perfect those tiny chicks are!
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    Cute ! [​IMG]
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    Jul 21, 2010
    Having baby chicks is like
    Welcoming a new born to the world.
    It is cute.
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    They're so cute! As far as the pecking goes- doesn't necessarily mean that chick is a roo at this point. Chickens have their own little pecking order and when you have only 2 chicks, it's pretty easy to determine who's tops. When you get more, someone else may very well take over the dominant role. It's normal and natural. The wing flapping doesn't mean anything at this stage- it's probably just stretching. Some chicks are loud when they're too hot or cold or otherwise uncomfortable, but then again some chicks are just loud. [​IMG]

    You need a thermometer in your brooder. That way you can know exactly what the temp is. It needs to be 90-95 degrees the first week, and go down by 5 degrees every week thereafter until they are fully feathered. You'll know they're cold if they huddle under the lamp, they're hot if they get far away. The perfect temp is when they are doing their normal chick things somewhere in the middle of the brooder. I can't tell from the pic if you have an area where they can get away from the light if they need to.

    You may want to put some small rocks or marbles in the base of that waterer for a couple of weeks. Chicks tend to fall asleep kind of wherever they are at the moment and yes, they are dumb enough to fall asleep and let their heads droop in the water. You might want to elevate it a bit to- get it even with their backs- so they don't step all in it.

    I would say treats are up to you. Some here will say don't give treats for 2 weeks, some say 8 or 10 weeks. It's true that clean fresh water and their chick starter is all they need. But giving treats is fun [​IMG] You can give plain unflavored yogurt and boiled, mashed egg without worrying about grit, but if you give anything else, you need to give them chick grit. Don't buy the parakeet/bird grit, it has way too much calcium for their kidneys to handle. Chick grit is what you need, you should be able to get it at a feed store. I personally waited until mine were 2 weeks old before I tried anything. Don't worry if you offer them something and they look at you like you're trying to poison them [​IMG] Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before they realize a treat is good.

    Have fun! They grow really quickly.
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