My first broder @Portugal

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a software engineer/hacker raising raising baby chicks for the first time, at our family farm. My grandpa had a few but he usually buy the hens in adult stage, when he tried to rais babies he always loose more than 40% of them.

    This store as 6 feet by 10 fets, until the 2 week i closed them in the wood box but now they spend most of time outside (away from light).




    The hens have 1 month now, 20 and no-one passed away! They're happy, i've bought an good feed from the beginning and in a few days i'll move them to a another store.

    The new store as the same size but has an outdoor for them (pic above). Here i only have a duck by now, i'll move the chicks to there and i'll use the other store only for broder.

    After moving them i'll have more 40 :)

    I'll also leave you some pics of our farm. My grandpa worked 40 years outside of Portugal mostly in Africa, when he retired he came back and bought this farm to us.



    And this is the manure i'm preparing. I've already used in a few strawberries, they're growing insanely because the nitrogen of chicken poop!

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    Looks great! Be warned you can over fertilize strawberries. I remember a story where they planted a strawberry patch where the old chicken coop used to be. In the beginning the strawberries grew great, but before they began to produce fruit every plant died, it was just too much fertilizer for them... So do not over do it! But your set up looks great.
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