My first chick injury? Disease?

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  1. ArielRed

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    Aug 20, 2010
    I have an 8 week old chick that has been perfectly normal and fine up until this morning. When I went to check on them this one chick was laying in the coop and wouldn't get up. She is bright eyed and not doing anything to make me think she's in pain but she can' stand at all (and yes, until today there was no evidence of leg problems.) I brought her to food and water and she ate/drank fine. She's keeping her legs tucked under her but I lifted her up and saw no signs of broken legs or curled up toes. She even seemed to be moving her legs fine, she just can't stand on them. Any ideas?
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    Maybe a spider bite?
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    Quote:Honestly, I suspect cocci. There is a protozoa of cocci that can hit 8 week old specifically. ( many diseases...even ones to target certain age groups). I'd start her on Sulmet ASAP! The not walking is her feeling her intestines turn to goo...nothing wrong with her legs, I bet. She's just feeling like h*ll. Cocci doesn't always present with bloody stools, sometimes just being down can be a sign.
  5. ArielRed

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    Aug 20, 2010
    As an update, the chick passed away = (
    I put her by the food and water and made her comfortable, which I guess was all I could do. But now I'm worried about my other 7 chicks. I have had them on the medicated chick feed. Could it still be cocci? And if it is should I expect the rest to go the same way?
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    Get a necropsy - your state agency sshould be able to do one for a minimal charge. Keep the bird refrigerated.

    Good luck.

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