My first coop - advice welcome

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    Dec 30, 2013
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    I just finished this coop and got a half a dozen hens. They're almost 2 months old. I've cut doors on the inside of my shed for collecting eggs. I'm Hoping they will walk up the stair board and lay in the straw, but from I've read I may have put my boxes to high. Guess I'll have to wait and see... Also, I've read that the laying boxes should have dividers. Does this really matter? I'm not sure if they are suppose to lay and roost in the same place. Right now they roost on the ground under the laying boxes.

    [​IMG]This coop isn't perfect, I know I have much to learn. If anyone sees anywhere I can improve or has any random suggestions please share.

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    My Coop
    Nice run!
    Don't see any coop, just the nest boxes?
    Need some roost space, 1 foot per bird, protected from the elements, higher than the nests.
    At 2 months they'll probably still huddle on the ground together, especially if they don't have a roost.
    Undivided nests can work, put some fake eggs in once they get close to laying age.
    I'd block the nests until then tho or they'll get in the habit if sleeping/roosting in them and they get filled with poop.
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    Your Run is a nice one looks secure main point [​IMG]

    To grade your coop need to see the inside first [​IMG]

    If you are going to let your chickens brood nesting box's need to be low [​IMG]

    If you are just collecting your egg's they should be in a comfortable reach for you [​IMG]

    Roosting chickens like to be high up at least 3 feet to start [​IMG]

    gander007 [​IMG]
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    Dec 30, 2013
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    Hey thanks for replying guys.

    Aart, just as you said when I got home from work my wife informed me that all six were up in the nest boxes...poop everywhere. I went ahead and blocked that section off. Ill be off work Monday and plan to install a roosting area . Hopefully they'll forget about the nesting box for now.

    Gander, what does it mean to let your chickens "brood"?

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