My first ever egg, I can't believe how excited I am and it's HUGE

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    My first ever egg, I'm so thrilled I am just beside myself [​IMG] I have no idea which hen laid it, but holy molies I expected the first egg to be tiny and this one's a whopper in my opinion. A little longer than 2.5" and 71 grams, and it was laid in the nesting box [​IMG] Maybe I'll be able to determine who laid it by who sits down very gently, lol. One question I have, if anyone can answer, is why are there white speckles?

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    WOW how exciting. I too would like to know about the white speckles, also some of my other breeds lay with brown speckles. You are lucky all of my first eggs have been very little 46gms mostly. I'll bet its a double yolker! All my chickens (when they started) laid one day, had a days rest and then started laying most days. Good luck and enjoy!
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    cool your first egg
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