My first favorite chicken, Pecka

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    This is a story about my first favorite chicken, Pecka, who died. [​IMG]

    My father and brother got twelve Dominiques from a man near St. Matthews, SC. It took 5 months to decide their names, results:

    Pecka, deceased
    Symphony, alive
    Creamy, alive
    Arrow, alive
    Misile, alive
    Smoothy, deceased by internal bleeding
    Domini, alive
    Flaty, alive
    Curly, alive
    Shirly, alive
    Comby, alive

    Pecka always pecked my calve, she became very sweet. Everyday I would pick her up and spoil her. Then, she must have been one, she went missing. I was so worried, I searched every where but under my house, (I didnt want t get bitten by Black Widows, evil spiders). She was gone about a week, I talked to my parents and my Sister said, "There are big cat prints on the driveway, she could have gotten eaten. " I cried. 3 days later, I had to fix siding panels on the house and I came back with a tool. Pecka was there, poofing, being broody. I picked her up and showed her to my parents, happy tears came. She stayed for a week, then went missing again. We figured she went back under the house. We waited 2 WEEKS and she didnt come back. Then we found a wing in the garden but it was the hen that got killed by a fox, Henrietta. We kept looking for signs, then my Mom came in from giving the animals water and said she found a pile of feathers. I went out, they where Pecka's, an owl stole her and ate her. [​IMG]:(

    Now we have lights on our swingset to protect our chickens from owls, no attacksfrom fox's or owls since. [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] Awww. Poor Pecka. Sorry to hear about your loss. You've got a pretty good flock going, from what I've read! [​IMG]
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    77 chickens, I lost her 2 years ago, now I have the picture I painted of her on the wall. Today I just found out I lost a fertile egg, [​IMG]
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    That poor bird. [​IMG] I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose a bird. [​IMG]

    I like the names you chose for your flock, they sound so cute! [​IMG]

  5. Symphony

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    The egg only had a bloodspec

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