My first Gold Lace Orp chick and his? brothers?


11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
Smoky Mountains - Del Rio,TN
Ok.. so I showed you pics of my Blue's Mixed Mystery chicks upon hatching.. they are no longer a mystery to me. I think what I have here are
2 Buff/Blue Orps
2 Black Austral-orpingtons
1 Blue Orpington
1 Gold Laced Orping-dotte with a blue orp daddy
1 Black Orpington

I think my GLO chick is lookin good! Of course it's the only one I have as this wasn't intentional.. it'll be good to compare this one to the ones I INTEND to hatch out in a month or two.
It'll be good for comparison to see if a blue roo is better than a buff or black roo for the cross.

As always.. pictures:
, I suspect that they are ALL boys.. they are 3 weeks and 2 days old today:

there are 4 more batches of blues mixed mystery chicks in incubators right now across the south east and I have 5 of blueXSLW chicks in my bator... interesting when they all hatch to see what we get.

So you GLO lovers... how do you think the first suprise chick is turning out... looked good at hatch.. just like a GLW cept more BLUE down... and now... to me.. no expert.. still looking like a GLW with the right comb & good leg color..??? Yes? No?
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