My first goose ever died =(

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    Goosey was my first goose i ever had . I stole him from my brothers friends house . I know i know i shouldnt have stollen him but he was beter off . His parents lived wild on the river behind his house and the owner very rarly fed them but they for some reason would always come back to his house . Well they showed up 1 day with babies so i took one . (the owner was going to eat them !) But 2 weeks later a pack of dogs killed his brothers and sisters and his parents !

    He was brooded with ducks(in my bed room in a kiddie pool ( i know i know grose ) and was a great pet . After a few days of getting used to me he would follow me around and we were buddies .He came inside our house for frequent visits and he was fine indoors . He would lay down in our walk way like a dog would . He was the flock leader and was very happy . As he grew his flock grew with a turkey, a few other geese and lots of chickens and ducks and pigeons .

    Every now and then i would thin out the flock iether because the reproduced alot or the town would TRY and make me , But goosey would never leave our home ,It was after all HIS home too .

    For the past 2 years he and his goose flock had there own 12x16 shed . With the exception of a few laying hens . They liked having thier own place and were very happy .

    This past spring goosey was slowing down . He started having problems swallowing . he would eat and the food would get stuck at the back of his throat . When he would eat you would think he never ate before in his life !! But that wasnt the case . They always had layer pellets and would get lettuce,bread,tomatos daily .

    For the past 3 months he started loosing wieght . You could tell he wasnt feeling well . I had put him on some medicine for a while but it didnt seem to do anything for him and with No poultry vets around here there wasnt much more i could do . He didnt like being seperated from his flok so i let him return . He grew weaker and weaker and i could tell he wouldnt be around much longer .

    For the past 3 days he was extremly weak . I brought him inside the house but this time he didnt like it . He would call for his flock so once again i let him return . And today He went to sleep one last time .

    I found goosey in the corner of his shed Guarded By his flock . The were screaming at me and hissing . One of my dewlap toulouses that goosey hated and beat up several imes when i first got him even bit my pant leg when i went closer to goosey .

    Goosey will be really missed . He was the best goose any one could ask for . I learned alot from him ! And i gave him the best life i could .

    He was 6 1/2 years old . Is that old for a goose ??

    R.I.P Goosey ! Fly High
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    Sorry to hear of your loss, Goosey sounds like he was a cool guy. I had a pet goose as a kid, it was white and loved me. It used to go into the swamp owned by an unfriendly neighbor periodically and they got a canoe out and paddled out in it and shot him.
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    Ohhhhhh! What awful stories! I am sorry for BOTH of you! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]!...Justin, i'm so sorry to hear about him! made me wanna cry!...[​IMG]...wish there was something i could for you!..[​IMG]...take care, Wendy [​IMG]
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    so sorry to hear about your lose
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    Sorry to hear that, but I'm glad to hear that he had a great life.

    Geese can live to be around 20+.
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    I'm very sorry for your loss.

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