My first injured chick, please help! Will they peck her to death?

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Apr 29, 2011
Its my first batch of chicks. They are now 4 weeks old. I was moving them to an outdoor tractor when one of my cats batted up under a little gap and got one of the turkens with her claw. (the tractor is secure now with little chance of a cat getting in) At first I didn't notice it but since the turken doesn't have feathers on her neck I noticed a little but fairly deep gash behind her ear. It wasn't dripping blood but you could see blood. I heard that if the other chickens see blood then they will pick at her. Does this also apply to 4 week old chicks?

I removed her and she is back in the brooder alone. Will being alone stress her out? When is it safe to introduce her back to the other chicks?

I've also heard that when you do introduce them back in with the chicks to do it slow. I am in the transition of moving in 2 days and the chicks are being kept at my parents. In 2 days I have no other option than to put her back with the others. Will she be ok or will they peck her to death?

Please help!
You could try a little antibiotic ointment (no painkiller), then Blu-Kote or similar to disguise the wound (if it's not too deep). When I had to isolate one of mine, she practically went nuts by herself. I'd keep her with the others, but perhaps separated by some wire from the rest, with her own little food and water bowls. Chicks usually heal very quickly, and she should look a lot better in two days.

Edit: You could even just leave it be after a little washing out, but I'd disinfect it first. I've heard great things about Vetericyn as well. Worked great for me!
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Thanks so much. She seems content in the brooder by herself. Not peeping, just sleeping. She also ate too. I will keep a close eye on her.

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