My first Mandarin baby!!!! Success!!!!!


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Western North Carolina

Little Mandie baby

Mandie and 3 call babies

My mandie pair had not laid many eggs this year (their first spring). None of the eggs have hatched successfully til yesterday. It was 5 days beyond the hatch date, my friend (the old Rebel) and I decided to help it out of the egg. It had pipped and then nothing for 24 hrs. We slowly, throughout the day, helped it out. YAY!
Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
I have to stop looking at all the posts with Wood ducks and Mandarins, it is flat out dangerous!
What a little cutie...It is sometimes hard to know if helping them is the right thing to do - Looks like it sure was with this little one...

I had to help my first Runner this season too..And she is a month old and the sweetest thing...She loves to vocalize and quacks at the corner of the brooder for cuddles.
(Columbiacritter's hubby posting) Are Mandarins closely related to wood ducks?

Can they be crossed? And if so, are they "mules"?

Both are fantastically cool bird species. There was one Mandarin in the Stevenson Washington show and I was definitely wowed.
They are closely related... the only two birds in the Aix genus. Hens are almost identical to the untrained eye. Both northern wood ducks, but they can't produce offspring.

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