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    Jul 17, 2009
    After reading this I think it sould have gone in family instead of chickens...Oh well. Move if necessary.

    I hatched some quail eggs for a neighbor. I bought the eggs, and he bought the hatched survivors. It was one of my experiments, but it went well ---as we hatched 14 out of 17.

    My 3-yr-old CRIED and CRIED because he wanted to keep the Ka-wails. He got it into his mind the neighbor stole them, and kept saying "We don't steal people's stuff!" Here is how that went down:

    "No, Ender, he come over and bought the quail. He buyed-ed them." I sat on the floor and he crawled into my lap.

    "But he no give us any monies," he sniffled.

    "Yes he did. Nick bought the quail with money. Now he is going to take the to live with his big quail."

    "No he stealed them. Where's the monies? He no give us monies." Ender starts crying again.

    "Right here," I pulled the money out of my pocket. "You can put the money in your piggie bank." Ender snatches it away.

    "This is my monies?"

    "Yes, go put it in your piggie bank. I don't want the baby to put it in his mouth. You can use it for college."

    "Ok, I am going to use this monies to buy candy. After swim lessons I go buy candy with my money." He runs away with the money.

    I am fairly certain I got had.
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    [​IMG] My 3 year-old son cried everytime when I re-homed the extra cockerels this summer. I explained to him that we had to get rid of the noisy ones (roos), so we can get more chickys. I wish I had gotten money!
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    May 21, 2008
    That is a cute story, and yes you got taken! Sounds like something mine would do.

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