My foster babies speak pigeon! (And question about Jersey Giant?)


9 Years
Oct 9, 2010

New here, but I was recommended this site from a friend. As the title says, I have a pair of female pigeons who hatched 2 silkie chicks about 3 weeks ago...and I'm starting to think they speak pigeon :O
For example, the pigeon coos...and they immediately run under it. The pigeon, not sure how describe this but that *wooping* sound they make, and the start cheeping like mad and running around LOL
Oh, and when the pigeons eats they try to copy how she digs the food, etc.

On to the question. I was searching up chicken breeds (I have 8 silkies now, and a clutch of 9 eggs) and was considering the Jersey giant as another potential breed. Do they get along with other chickens? I was really just wanting the eggs, but from what I've heard they make good pets. Does anyone know how much they are supposed to eat a day, and if they are territorial? Are they noisy?

I dunno... For some reason, I've never really been enchanted by the small chickens or quiet ones XD I used to own a red mongrel who was killed by a fox but she was the biggest, noisiest and most adorable (!) thing I've ever known. Call me crazy but I cried for a week after she died and put her photo on the mantelpiece!



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