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    So I'm pretty new to chicken ownership, I have a 2 month old black austerlorp (zilla), a 2 month old americauna (ester), a 2 month old black bantam (peeps), all of which I've had from day one, and a 4 month old partridge silkie bantam (lily). Theyve been fairly easy thus far, but I'm really concerned that one or more might turn out to be roosters (I got them from a local farmer and he didn't sex them). what are some early signs that they could be roosters? are roosters alright pets? and what age should they eat regular food...i have them on purina start and grow feed currently.
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    Alright [​IMG] great to have you joining the flock [​IMG]
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    All chicken chicks stay on starter or even grower until of laying age. If you have a mixed flock, hens and roosters, whey the pullets come to laying age, you would want to feed a Flock Raiser instead of Layer feed so that the rooster doesn't have to eat calcium fortified feed. Too much calcium is hard on a roosters kidneys. And always keep oyster shell for the layers on the side in a tub or deep dish of some sort.

    Roosters can make wonderful pets. Some don't however. It just depends on the bird. They say not to over handle ones that you think are roos as getting too friendly with them can turn them on you when older. I am not sure it works this way, but it never hurts to try it.

    If they are two months old, a Black Australorp roo will already show signs of being a rooster. He will have a big ol red comb and wattles and might even be crowing. He will start to get long pointy feathers on his shoulders and his long tail. Sometimes with Silkies, you have to wait until it crows or lays an egg. LOL

    You can always post their pics in our What Gender section here on BYC for some good ID...

    Good luck with your new babies and enjoy BYC!
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    Great to have you join!

    Not sure about the other breeds, but silkies will either crow or lay an egg before you can tell for sure.
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    Silkies are very hard to sex before 5 mos. or so. You could post photos on the "Silkie Thread" and see what breeders have to say.

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