My friendliest baby, Max

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    Mar 1, 2011
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    Taken this morning, so forgive the messy hair in the photo! As soon as I put my hand in the brooder, Max(ine?) jumps in and wants an elevator ride to my shoulder. If I just leave her down low in the brooder on my hand, she stretches her neck waaaay up and looks to my shoulder. I know she likes me, because she started doing this before I was feeding the chicks from my hand. [​IMG] She's a 2-week old partridge rock hen (I'm hoping.) She arrived with my first batch of 3. (s)he was the first one to come running to investigate, and always was the largest of my 3. Because of Max's behavior, we named "her" max. I am a new chicken mommy, so I know better than to play that guessing game yet, but "she" is also feathering faster than my other two 2-week olds of the same breed. She is my chunkiest chicken!

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    Really sweet [​IMG] Seems like theres always one of each group of new babies that will decide to buddy up with you. Right now mine is a huge blk cochin baby, about 4 weeks old now.

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