My friends dominique was attacked and killed today. what was the predator??


6 Years
Jun 3, 2013
Los Angeles
My friend texted me that something ate her bird. I came over to see the damages the predator had done to the baby =\, and ooommmmmgggggg. First time witnessing a chicken corpse )':! All that was left was her wings, back, still covered with feathers. the predator ate her head and feet and left the stomach torn open with intestines laying on the opposite side of the corpse; feathers were everywhere. I'm guessing it was a crow..their coop set up looks pretty decent LOL but it isnt secured at all..there is no flooring(any animal that can dig and eassillyy get under), nor something that covers up the top from airborne animals, and leaping/jumping animals. Although Im guessing that the predator that killed the baby chicken was a raven/crow.

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