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    I am hoping someone might be able to offer me some advice please!?

    I received 2 geese (gander & goose I believe), from a lady that had rescued after they were dumped. They were very friendly with the lady that rescued them, but not particularly friendly with her husband.

    They have a purpose built predator proof pen with a shed bedded with straw. The shed has a side entrance built at goose hight.

    I feed them wheat in the evening, greens and their pen is grass (though not thick and lush). They have a half barrel with fresh water to drink and bath in.

    The problems - they don't sleep in their shed... they don't go in at all! We have opened the front facing human door to make it less daunting, but they spend their nights out in the pen (with some protection from a tree) in the rain.

    They are not eating the wheat (seemingly at all)... they don't like the greens (exactly the same as the previous owner was feeding)... they may have eaten some grass.

    They are frightened of us (humans both male).

    Once they have bonded to the pen, they will be able to free range 15 acres. (any advise on how long to keep them locked up for?)

    I have plenty of patients... does anyone have any advice on how to help them settle in?

    Do I need to be worried about any of the above? they have been with us 4 days now.

    I appreciate any insights anyone might be able to offer?

    Thank you,

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    First geese dont instantly take to change............... so time is your friend here.

    Feed: Find a good waterfowl feed such as Mazuri (Mazuri/com) if you can not afford or find that you can usually find Flock Raiser (Purina made) or All Flock (Nutrena made) to give to them in addition to the whole wheat. You can also feed them whole oats. geese like whole wheat more if it is soaked for roughly 12 hours in water. It helps soften the grain and encourages them to eat it. 90% of their diet should b from grazing and geese prefer young tender grass over taller courser greens.

    If the shed is dark inside they will avoid it, they will also avoid it because it is new. You can herd them into it at night and close their access to their yard. This will get them use to it and adjust to the fact it is a safe place to sleep. geese are waterfowl so rain doesnt bother them like us or chickens.

    Sitting in a chair quietly talking to them will get them use to you. Many geese can be bribed with melon (watermelon is a favorite summer treat here) as well as grapes (limited amounts) and tomatoes as well as clover and dandelions. if they seem to turn their noses up at the greens, get a feed pan (found at an Tractor Supply) black rubber sits on the ground. Fill it with water and add the greens to it for them.

    easy movements
    soft voice

    Geese learn routine and if given the chance to see what you want them to do and allowed to figure it out will work with you towards your goal for them. 30 days should be a good time frame of adjustment, but watch them for signs of not being settled and adjust your timeline to them and their needs.

    Feed at the same time every day. Shake the feed bucket and call goose goose goose let them see that you bring good things and are a source of good.

    Good luck and enjoy
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