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    So today my daughter who is 5 decided she wanted to 'tame' a certain chicken...its one of the neighbor's chickens, and we have 3 runner ducks who are exceptionally friendly and i dont understand why she didn't chose one of them to attempt to make her best friend of the birds...but any, its this 10 or so week old barred rock pullet and Shawna catches it, and carries it around for awhile...Then she jumps up on the neighbor's swing while we are out chatting and keeps this chicken with her rocking it, laying it on its back and rubbing it...Poor chicky didnn't make a peep hardly, just sat there and dealt with it...and this chick hasn't been messed with much except feeding time nad water time for a month now practically. I was AMAZED! I wish i had the camera out with me, even my cell phone to snap a picture, but alas the true kodak moments lack a kodak camera. [​IMG]
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    Amazing! I really would love to have seen that pic.....
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    This seems to be its going to be the pet chicken...She was at it again today, caught the same one (had to be) and carried around for about 15 minutes till i made her let the poor little dear down. We have named her Henrietta. Since my neighbor's name is Henry and this is obviously a BR pullet, we named her the feminine version [​IMG] ... but I will have vid cam tomorrow and see if I can't snap a video of them! It was just TOO CUTE!

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