My fuzzies came in Wednesday! [sorry for such late post]


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Coldwater, MS
They are adorable! They are so much fun to watch! Here is where you can go to watch a video, it's my Facebook page. If you can't get on it let me know. But anyway. I was wondering, should I get medicated starter feed or keep the regular that I have? They are doing fine with the feed they have now though.
Anyways, they are having alot of fun. I've never seen a baby chick fly/run from one end of the box to the other in. These little creatures are the funniest things EVER! I'm seeing them scratch to, which amazes me!
Also, is there anything I should be worried about, or that I should know?
feed them medicated. one bag should do you,depending on how many you have. Then switch to regular.

the organic fans are not going to be in favor of this, but i cant stand it when one dies, so I take the medicated.

good luck.
They will sleep any time, in any position, even with their legs flung out behind them. They will look dead. Do not panic. Just tap the side of the brooder and watch your "dead" chicks come alive!

Baby chicks also instinctively know how to do the dust bathing thing, in the brooder shavings. They are not having seizures.

Raise your waterer and feeder up on a brick or something, so they don't kick shavings into 'em. It will also be less easy for them to poop in their water.

If you give them any treats other than chopped up hard-boiled egg, or scambled egg, or shredded cheese, give them some sand for grit, too.

Take TONS of pictures. They grow up fast!
Okay is it okay for my chick to scratch for some food that got under on on the pine shavings that fell out of their food? They sure are enjoying the scratching. They are just scratching away the pine shavings and then they are eating the food that landed under the shavings onto the newspaper. I also have some chicks trying to eat the little pieces of shavings? Should I be worried?

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