My geese saved the day!


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Chehalis, WA
Today I really feel thankful for my geese... REALLY! I was frolicking through the enchanted forest looking for some chantrelle mushrooms and also photographing other interesting looking mushrooms as a hobby. I found an interesting circle formation of mushrooms and went in through the thick and without realizing it, dropped my phone and took some pics. Somehow in the circle I became disoriented on where I was and realized I was so deep in the woods that I couldn't see which way I came from and which way was home. Then I realized I lost my phone, so GREAT! I could be out here all night! I started to head in the wrong direction to go "home" without my phone and suddenly I got a text message. I had 3 chimes to echo-locate the phone which was at least 100 meters away. By some miracle I found it. Then started to go the wrong way home again, all confused! Then I hear my geese honking loudly in the opposite direction. Thank God for them! I know I'd still be lost out there! But I honked to them and they honked back until I found my way home.

P.S. I only found 2oz of the mushrooms but at least I didn't come home empty-handed!
Thank you geese!

What kind of mushrooms did you say you were picking?

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