My girl can’t walk her foot turned black can anyone help diagnose?

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    Sep 21, 2016
    So about 5 weeks ago my Americana hen stared to limp around the yard and she got a really poopy butt. She has so much poop stuck to her butt that i had to use scissors to cut off the dried poop blocking her butt.

    A few days latter she was laying in the run not moving. we immediately brought her in the house and noticed she was infested with louse.

    We also noticed that her left foot was swollen and had a large blister on the bottom of her left foot. The blister had clear liquid in it.

    We treated her with DE, put triple antibiotic ointment on both her feet twice a day and put her in a box in the house hoping she would get better

    A few days latter her blister popped on its own and a few days after that she seamed to get better and stand on both feed.

    Then a few days later she was back to laying on her side, however this time it was on her left side. Meanwhile we thought that the left foot was getting better but the right foot looked smaller and that it might never be used again.

    The opposite happened, her right foot is now back to normal and we noticed her left foot start to turn black on the tips.

    The entire time she has been eating and drinking just fine. However her left foot is not getting any better and she only flail the left and wing for balance.

    she has started to lose her feather, either molting or stress...?

    We finally found a vet that would see her and the only thing he suggested today was to give her the stuff called silver twice a day.

    If anyone has any experience with something similar i really appreciate any advice.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. You don't say where you are from but without pictures I'd guess maybe severe frostbite. Any way you could post some pictures for us to take a look at.
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    Sounds like her foot got frostbite. Nothing you can do for it really, other than hope she can adapt to life without a few toes. She may even lose the whole foot.

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