My girls, and a roo too!


11 Years
Oct 6, 2008
St. Clair, MO
Took some pics earlier today. Some of you guys helped my determine the breeds. These were picked up from a house that was abandoned last month. Found them all grazing around the huge yard of the abandoned house. I know I must have missed a few, been back a few times and picked up as many as I could.

A couple of porcelain d'uccles, bantams

A blue cochin and a black cochin, both bantams, so cute!

and we couldn't decide on what these girls were...backyard mixes probably, unless you guys have any clue...

They are doing pretty well, already have them eating out of my hand. And eggs too! Only one a day, I think it's from the rusty colored girl. I am working on a bigger run for them since I think they were used to free range and now are in a tractor!

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