My girls are driving me crazy ... lol

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    this morning DH came home from doing the paper route - and we went outside to spend time with the girls ( its about 7 :20 ) and DH asks me if anyone has laid yet I tell him no that it is to early for these girls LOL well he says I am going to look anyway - fine whatever - well he goes in and comes out with a green egg !! now this egg is not stone cold but not body warm either - the only thing I can think is that Miss Christmas laid it late in the afternoon and I missed it when putting everyone to bed- but now of course DH is like " I told you so " like he knew that egg was there and that he is somehow in touch with his " inner chicken " lol so now I am going to have to listen to him tell me how he just knew they had laid that egg for him to find !!

    well I was just out there checking for more - when I noticed my little banty hen is missing - she always comes when I call her ! so I am looking all over when I notice a few of the girls looking under the coop ( which is only as high off the ground as a pallet ) well I m to busy looking for Bonnie to pay much attetion - I open the main coop door and see a tiny little egg ?? ok there is no way possible they could lay this in the coop and it rolled out plus it was not there when DH looked earlier - now I am totally confused so I get on the ground look under and there is sweet little Bonnie in a " made my own nest spot " she must have laid this egg yesterday rolled it out of the way to lay todays egg - so now when she is done I have to check under there and see how many more she has laid since she has been doing the squat thing for about a month !!! I know she is not broody or anything because she did not act mean or puffy !

    Just when I am feeling smart about knowing a few things about chickens they go and do something that totally confuse me !! so now I have to look in and UNDER the coop for eggs !!

    But that has to be the CUTEST and SMALLEST egg I have ever seen !!

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    How cool!
    I can't stand that smug attitude of a DH who thinks he knows it all. LOL

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