My girls are in their new temporary coop for the 1st time tonite....outside!


7 Years
Mar 16, 2012
Eastern NC
Hi all.....I moved my 14 girls today, to their new temporary digs.....they seem to love it so far! It's a HUGE 2 room dog coop, we worked all weekend to clean and is so clean, lol...they have 2 rooms to choose from....I filled each room with clean shavings, and a handful of their 'brooder box' shavings, so it would smell like them...our temps are 70-73 daytime and nighttime is around 50-55.......I do have a small lightbulb in each 'room', just went and checked on them..... 13 were in one room, there was 1 off to herself in the other room! :) They were fast questions are: Are they warm enough? They are almost fully feathered other than their little noggins, lol....a few 'fuzzies' here and there. Do I need to get a black lightbulb? I love them to pieces....they all seem so happy! :)


7 Years
Jan 4, 2013
Good luck! This is my first venture into chickens and have 8. They're 4 weeks old and they've been out in the coop during the day...about 75 degrees, but have been coming inside for the night. I don't have a light in the coop, so I think it's probably too chilly for them. Good luck with yours!! Sounds like they'll be fine. Mine are such a riot I just love them :)

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