my girls are killing one girl..


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Hello can anyone help me? I have 6 rir and6 br.all the girl keep attacking one girl. They broke her leg a month ago and pecked all the feathers off her head. She can walk I put her back in the group after a month of separation. .she was in ther one day.I get home from work and they have her feathers off her head and keep pecking and attacking her.what can I do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. .
How old are they? What is the set up (coop/run) like? Do they have adequate space, food & water? Poor girl
Which one are they attacking? If the Barred Rock, they are probably just trying to establish pecking order. I would keep her separated until she is older & able to defend herself. Or if one of the others is doing the bullying, I would isolate them to "reset" the pecking order.

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