my girls are starting to CLUCK


8 Years
Mar 18, 2011
Laurens SC
hi all,
My girls are starting to cluck.. at first I thought that Tilli was snezzing or trying to cough.. then I listened closer and sure enough CLUCK.... then another... CLUCK..... they are 11 weeks old this week. I figure all the girls will follow with their new big girl words hahah... so will my roo's follow suit and I should be listening for the first creeky voice of a Crow.???

these are my first chickens and Im not sure of what the milestones of chicks maturing are and when they will start.. Now that we have clucking what should I expect to hear next?? or see.. I know my Dark Brahma roo is changing feathers daily he gets darker and more blue and green sheen is showing.. I also noticed that they are not getting taller right now but they are all getting a bit wider and thicker..

blessed be to all )O(
happy happy all smiles..
My birds started getting their adult voices at about the same age. My boys soundedrather sick when first starting to crow but will get better with practice. A couple of my older roos crow whenever someone get near them seeming to say "look at me". The all have their particular personality.
Hi! I was wondering when my girls where going to start clucking.....they are 8 weeks old today and i've asked around, but no one seemed to really i have a few more weeks to countdown and something to look forward to since my girls won't be laying eggs for another 10-12 weeks.
Most of my little ones (now 13 and 14 weeks old) have been making a variety of "intermittent" sounds, not peeps anymore, but not clucks either, for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Today was the first time I've heard my silkie cockerel sounding like a chicken...cluck cluck cluck. He crowed yesterday - a "hootie hoooo" sound rather than a cock a doodle doo
Waiting for my pullets to sound like big girls...
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My girls are nearly 22 weeks old and the Rode Island red (Milly) has been making funny noises for a couple of weeks now. Half chicken and half duck. The Astrolop (Tilly) then started making the same noises and the leghorn (Lilly) is the quietest until today. Tilly went into the sleeping box in the middle of the day and looked to be making a nest. The leghorn started making the weirdest noises and cackling and they waited outside to see if she would come out. When she did they still made the noises for some time but settled down. I recorded it on my phone cause its so weird. I wonder what was going on? Do you think they were fretting and thought Tilly was sick? I checked the box and no eggs yet!
What a day.....
I hear some of the strangest sounds sometimes from my old birds and from my younger ones. They growl, bawk, chirp etc. Usually I can tell my their sounds if they are content or upset.

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