My girls at 6 weeks (Buff orpington)


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Apr 10, 2013
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While we finish building the coop this is where they stay during the day. They LOOOOVE eating wheat grass and watermelon and chase some bugs (still not fast enough). While the others eat, Omelette loves rolling over in the dirt, getting dirty.

Colbie Bear, our Golden retriever makes sure the chickens are ok and he goes say hi to Lilly

Now that's a kiss!

Phoebe, she's always the first one to say hi to me every morning. She's darker than her sisters.

Rooki, She's the biggest one of them all and a bit bossy! She's always the first one to jump out of her box and also the bravest one. All of them follow her. We thought she was a roo.

A close up off Lilly, she's a sweety!

My flock, from left to right : Rooki, Phoebe, Lilly and Omelette. Omelette is still very shy, she screams when I touch her, but she loves sleeping on my lap

Big Rooki. Still hoping she is not a HE

Lilly's baby feathers

Rooki, Phoebe and Omelette

I really can't wait to have the coop ready! it's gonna be fun!


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That's a beautiful flock you've got! Love your pics!
thanks for sharing.

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