My Girls ate a mouse


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Jun 30, 2009
Yesterday I noticed that one of my chickens were running around the enclosed outdoor area with a mouse in their mouse. Then I noticed that 2 of them had a mouse and all 10 were fighting over the 2 mice! One of my girls finally found a corner inside the coop and started pecking the mouse to her hearts desire! Is it ok for them to eat mice?
They ate that mouse and enjoyed every tiny morsel...yummy and full of extra protein
they like frogs too! animals are smarter than people they don't usually eat anything that is bad for them-unless we give it to them and then often will turn up their beak at it.Now,I don't suggest we start eating mice
My flock loves mice and frogs I haven't tried snakes but I hear that they love them also. Labor day weekend they got 8 baby mice as a snack.!
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Mice get under my nest boxes, and everytime I move them the chickens go crazy eating all they can catch. They love them. Always makes me feel bad for the poor mice, though, especially if I hear one squeal. Has not hurt mine yet.
I threw them a dead snake once, and they ate it. Went nuts over it! I wish they'd do the same for the dang live snakes that go in the coop and get my eggs! Maybe the snakes' skin is too tough for the chickens to peck through and kill them.
that's everyone! I figured it was fine to eat them, but I guess ya never know! I did joke around to one of my friends saying that they were just getting a lil extra protein!
my girls ate many mice.. it was a team sport. I flooded a mouse hole, they fought over the mice. My dog even helped out by catching them and leaving them. :) my dog doesnt like eating mice, the chickens LOVE it

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