My girls have finally arrived!


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Mar 12, 2015
I picked up my girls from Meyer Hatchery this morning at the post office (they called at 6:00 am!). I heard them as soon as I walked into the p.o....VERY loud...but there were several shipments they said so it wasn't all coming from mine. All appear to be in good health and there's even a hitchhiker...not sure what she'll turn out to be (and she better be a SHE!!).
I introduced them to their water in the brooder and was going to ask a question of should I keep bringing them to the water...but as I type this I glanced over and they are all standing around the water trough! LOL
So...looking good so far. Just wanted to share my good news of the happy healthy arrival of 2 Black Jersey Giants, 2 Buckeyes, 2 Dominiques, and 2 Partridge Rocks (and the mystery guest!)


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May 4, 2015
Yay for a healthy and safe arrival! I also picked up my chicks this morning too. PO call at about 6am also. They all seem to be doing wonderful. Here's to happy and healthy balls of fuzz!

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