My girls missed me. <3

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    Yesterday was my last day of school for the semester, and because I've been sick and preparing for the finals, I've only been doing the bare minimum, acceptable amount of work with my chickens and spending little time with them. This morning, since I didn't need to go anywhere or do anything, I took my time with my girls and had a good long chat with them. [​IMG]

    I forgot one of their food dishes under the boat yeserday when it was rainy. Today, as I was pulling it out to dump and refill it, Freema hopped up on the boat to give me her little 'love me please' look. Of course, I couldn't resist the look, so I stopped for some snuggles. As I hugged her and gave her a good rubbing, a few of the others took notice. My little Easter-egger, Betty, joined Freema on the boat, followed by the red sexlink twins Sora and Skua, and then Corella, and then Maggie, and Cricket tried to get in there, but there just wasn't enough room. While tryng to give each of them their share of the snuggles, I noticed at my feet there was a crowd as well. Debra Jo, Natalie, Mako, Cressy, Blizzy, all waiting for their turn. I guess they missed me!

    Isn't it so nice to be appreciated? *sigh* [​IMG]
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    Awww.... that is so sweet! Just gotta love em'! [​IMG]
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    That is soooo cute! I would love it if mine were that lovable. It's usually" Hi lady, Thanks for the food now you can go."

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