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    Aug 24, 2012
    Hi All,

    Below are some updated pics of my ladies. 6 weeks old today and feisty as heck. Chased the crows away from the coop. Will DE get rid of ants? My coop has been invaded by them and don't want them to irritate the birds. I put some in the sand when I installed it in the coop but did not have a squeeze bottle to put it in the cracks. I will have one today.


    The one in the first pic loves me to death. Sat on my shoulder last night like she wanted to roost there for the night. Hubbie had to pick her off and set her in the coop for bed, but the other girls are becoming much more trusting as I talk to them and stroke them every chance I get.




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    They are lovely!

    DE will kill all external bugs. It dries out insect exoskeletons. Will work on ants, mites, lice, fleas, any bugs.

    I sprinkle it around my coop and mix it into the bedding. I also but a little in their food. (It does not prevent internal parasites but it does make poo less attractive to flies)
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